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Dennis Finn ("DH")


'The Heart and Soul'

Sure, technically he's the only non-family-member, but as a life-long friend, he's just another brother from another mother. He's always got a seat at the family table set out for him.

Karl Henricksen

Guitarist & Vocals

'The Diva'

Did his years playing music in Las Vegas and New York make him a little bit of a diva? DH thinks so, but he's just here to sing and dance and play a little geeetar.

Kyle Henricksen

Bass & Vocals

'Hipster Hero'

The quiet one, master of the Bass Face, and the only one allowed to swear on-stage in a song. But watch out, there's never a dry eye once he sings his version of Drops of Jupiter.

Cliff Henricksen

Keys and Vocals

'The Mad Scientist'

Cliff brings the experience and wisdom of 50+ years playing in bars, clubs, venues large and small. Some say he's the genius of the group, the Garth Hudson if you will, and just so happens to be the inventor of the Bose L1 speakers the band uses.



Have a listen, see the show, join the party, all from the comfort of home. Then come check them out live for the real fun!

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The Boston area's favorite family band brings father and sons together to play their wide selection of classic songs from the dawn of rock to modern classics - pop, rock, country, bluegrass, blues, funk, r&b, you name it. Our only requirement is the music has to be good and it's got to move!  



The members of DH and the Gentlemen have been been singing, performing, and playing in sync as if they’d been together their entire lives - and technically they almost have, having grown up together in a musical family.

Now with everyone together in the Boston area, they're bringing their brand of fun and life to weddings, bars, outdoor parties, events, you name it they play it with the same energy and professionalism.

Get in touch to book them for your next event!

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